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• Tech is Removing Language Barriers – But will Jobs be Lost in Translation?

The Guardian – News – Education – By Martin Williams Tech is Removing Language Barriers

Swansea’s councillors must be painfully aware of the dangers of technology in the translation industry. When a translator’s email reply landed in their inbox in 2008, the Welsh sentences were duly printed on a road sign. It read: “I am not in the office at the moment.”

But recent advances in technology are now helping to break down language barriers and revolutionise the role of traditional translators.

• Reading Literature on Screen: A Price for Convenience?

International New York Times – Arts – By Stephen Heyman Reading Literature on Screen, A Price for Convenience

Do people read as well on screens as they do on paper? Scientists aren’t quite sure. While the type of E Ink used in the latest generation of Kindles and other tablets has been shown to be as or even more legible than printed text, other studies have indicated that — in terms of reading comprehension — the medium doesn’t much matter.

• What’s in a Word? A Chinese Dictionary Updates

The New York Times – Sinosphere – By Amy Qin and Didi Kirsten Tatlow What's in a word? A Chinese dictionary Updates.

The revised edition of the Dictionary of Modern Standard Chinese has just been released, and with it, more than 100 new terms — many slang or online neologisms — have been granted admission to the august realm of official Chinese lexicons.


• Is Learning a Language Other Than English Worthwhile?

The New York Times – Room for Debate – By Multiple Authors Is Learning a Language Other Than English Worthwhile?

In a recent essay in The Times, Lawrence Summers, the former president of Harvard University, wrote about preparing American students for the future. In the essay, he said that international experience was essential, arguing that English’s emergence as the global language makes the investment in other languages less essential.

Does he have a point? Even though Americans aren’t as monolingual as you might think, is learning a language other than English a worthwhile investment?


• How Social Media Silences Debate

The New York Times – The Upshot – By Claire Cain Miller How social media silences debate - The Upshot

The Internet might be a useful tool for activists and organizers, in episodes from the Arab Spring to the Ice Bucket Challenge. But over all, it has diminished rather than enhanced political participation, according to new data.

• Is Technology a Silver Bullet for Language Teaching and Learning?

The Guardian – Professional – Teacher Network – By Martin WilliamsIs technology a silver bullet for language teaching and learning?  -The Guardian

 “There is no longer a four-walled classroom,” says Dr Cecilia Goria, ofNottingham University’s Language Centre. “Teaching and learning now extends beyond that.